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Terms of Service


These Terms of Service (hereinafter: the Terms) regulate the access and use of the website (hereinafter: the Website) owned by the company Roango d.o.o. (LLC), Osijek, Zagrebačka 1, Republic of Croatia, registered at the Commercial Court of Osijek under the CRN: 030232074, OIB: 69238145406, and operating under the registered trademark Roango (hereinafter: Roango). The Terms regulate the relations and terms between Roango and the user of the Website (hereinafter: the User), notwithstanding the role of the user of the Website.

All terms in these Terms are to be interpreted to refer to all genders and encompass the plural and singular of each term, except when expressly stating the opposite. By accessing the Website, registering on the Website, or using the Website's contents, the User enters into a contractual relationship with the Roango d.o.o. (LLC) and therefore confirms that they have read, understood, and accepted these Terms. The User who does not accept the Terms is not permitted to use the Website.

Individual contents and services provided by the Website may have their own terms of use that the User accepts each time they access the aforementioned contents or services. Unless otherwise stated, the Terms are applied. In case of special terms and conditions are contracted between the User and the Roango, such special terms and conditions shall apply. 

General Terms apply as follows:

  • Roango is a talent acquisition technology provider. Roango will never sell, rent, or lease the collected Personal Data. Personal data will be managed by the Users themselves.
  • A Visitor is a person visiting a Website and browsing its content.
  • A Talent is a person who applies for a job opening at a company, created by a Company User.
  • Company User is a company (including all forms of registered entities not representing a natural person), and a team member of the related company, that uses Roango for recruitment needs.

Functionalities that provide anonymity on the Roango digital product shall award the User with a random-picked alias. 

Business Activity and Vision

The Website was created as the result of Roango’s vision to enable an improved, more efficient, time-saving, and economical platform for connecting Talents with Company Users in the IT industry, emphasizing skills, knowledge, and company culture. 

Roango accomplished this idea by developing a set of internet tools that:

  • Guide the Company User in a complete yet straightforward way from creating an opening, managing applications to the actual employment. 
  • Enables the Talent, from creating a CV to receiving invitations for interesting openings to applying for openings.

Roango is dedicated to developing and improving its digital product continuously. By implementing new features into the digital product and receiving feedback, anticipating, and understanding the Talent's and Company User's needs and requirements, Roango keeps pace with the dynamic and fast-evolving IT sector.


By logging into the Website, the Talent and Company Users confirm that they have read, understood, and accepted the Terms of Service published at the time as valid and legally binding.

Every Website Talent and Company User that wishes to access content and services provided by the Website is obligated to register. The Talent and Company Users register by filling out an online form on the Website. During the registration, the Talents and Company Users are required to confirm the acceptance of the Terms.

Roango is obligated to protect the privacy of the Talent and the Company User in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which is a part of the Terms and in accordance with the GDPR and other laws that may apply from case to case.

The Talent and Company User is responsible for the accuracy and validity of the data submitted during the registration and onboarding process and its subsequent modifications. In the case of the incorrect data submitted, Roango cannot be held responsible for any possible outcome that may come out of such error or omission. 

User’s Obligation

Both Talent and Company Users are obligated to use all contents and services of the Website in accordance with the Terms and all relevant laws and regulations. Using this digital product for any criminal purposes is strictly forbidden. 

The Talent and Company User is held responsible for the accuracy of the submitted information concerning Roango and all third parties that may operate at Roango as a digital product.

The Talent and Company Users are strictly prohibited from submitting inappropriate and offensive content that opposes the international laws, the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, applicable laws and bylaws, other regulations, and the morale of society. Discrimination is strictly prohibited, especially on the grounds of race, skin color, sex, language, religious beliefs, political or other orientation, national or social background, as well as on any other ground of discrimination. Roango reserves the right not to publish such content, including content that can be labeled as a criminal offense, misdemeanor, or can cause damage to Roango or to any third party. Roango is authorized to file a report and take all the necessary actions to notify the competent authorities about such violations and to minimize or neutralize the damages that may come out of such User behavior.

The Company User may use the personal information that is made available to him/her and other company team members (also Company Users) for the sole purpose of finding adequate human resources. The use of personal information for any other purpose will be seen as misuse. Any misuse from the Company User is strictly prohibited and entails liability for damages that may occur to Roango, as well as to all third parties that Roango is liable to.

The Company User agrees not to use The Website to collect or process any type of sensitive information. Roango does not take responsibility for any damage or privacy violation that may result from using The Website to collect this type of information. If the Roango team recognizes the usage or entry of such information, it will be deleted immediately.

Modifying and Removing Content

Roango reserves the right to remove or modify any content published on the Website at any time and without notice. This applies in particular to any inappropriate, offensive, or discriminatory content submitted by the Talent and Company User.

Availability and Website Usage

Roango will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the Website is available twenty­‐four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. However, there will be circumstances when the Website will be interrupted for maintenance, upgrades, and emergency repairs or due to telecommunications links and equipment failure. Roango will take every reasonable step to minimize such disruption where it is within Roango's reasonable control. Roango does not guarantee the availability of the Website or its contents and services at all times and cannot be held responsible for any type of damage that may arise as a result of the inability to use the Website.

The Talent and Company User use the Website entirely at their own risk, and Roango cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur due to inaccurate data submitted by the Talent and/or Company User, decisions taken on the basis of content published on the Website nor for errors or omissions related to the completeness, precision, and accuracy of contents of the Website.

Roango, in no case, will participate in conversations or any part of the recruitment process, and therefore, it is not able to guarantee the adequacy of any Talent for the hiring purposes of the Company User. 

Integrations With Third Parties

The Website may include the provision of integrations to Third-party services. Roango shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure the successful operation of the integration. However, as the integration to Third-party services is dependent upon the technical setup of third-party systems, which are not under Roango’s control, Roango shall not be liable for any failures relating to the integration resulting from actions or omissions of the Talent and/or Company User or this Third-party.

The Talent and Company User agrees that Roango (i) is not responsible for the content and the operation of any Third-party Services and makes no representation, and (ii) has no liability whatsoever to the Talent and Company User.

If any User uses the Third Party's services to promote its activity on the Roango Website, he/she formed a separate relationship with such Third Party. Roango, in no case, can be liable for any damage/event/outcome of such Third-party services usage. 

The Talent and Company User agrees and acknowledges that the Third-party vendor may change or amend its guidelines or functionality and/or the Website interface with it at any time, and Roango will not be liable to the extent any resulting issue is outside Roango’s reasonable control.

Service Support Level

Roango will make commercially reasonable efforts to respond to all incoming support inquiries and/or requests from Monday to Friday, within 24 hours.

In order to provide you with the highest level of technical support, our administrators will use the role in which they will impersonate you as a user to see the exact same user interface as the Talent or Company User may experience, all in order to resolve any issues as soon as possible and as effectively as possible. In such impersonation, our administrators will never contact other parties impersonating you as a user.

While using the impersonation view, they will see the data that the User decided to hide from other Users, but still, they will not be able to see the User’s password. 

Links to Other Websites

The Website may contain links to other websites. Visitors, Talents, and Company Users access these websites at their own risk. Roango does not guarantee the safety, data protection, and content of these websites in any way.

Roango will never link any pornography, weapons, lottery, or any other forbidden or strictly regulated content on its Website.

 Intellectual Property Rights

Roango has the intellectual property rights of the entire content of the Website unless it is not specifically stated otherwise for individual categories. 

Any kind of distribution, reproduction, publication, use of the Website or any of its parts, contents, or services, in any way or by any means that is contrary to the Terms, relevant legal regulations and without the expressed written consent of the Roango d.o.o. (LLC) company, will be recognized as unauthorized use, which constitutes a violation of intellectual property and is subject to criminal and misdemeanor liability and civil liability for any damages that such actions may cause for Roango.

In case of the Intellectual Property rights infringement by the Talent or the Company User, Roango reserves the sole right to close all your accounts without further notice. 


The service is currently free for Talents, and they can deactivate their account whenever they want through the application. Deactivating a Company is available on the Settings> Your Settings> Companies page for team members who have admin role and permissions within the Company. In case the Company User has an active plan, the plan should be canceled first, and after the plan is canceled and the user has no active plan, the user can close the Company account. In case the Company User exceptionally wants to close the Company account even before the plan is canceled, it is necessary to contact customer support at [email protected].

 Data Ownership

Roango will never sell, publish or in any way distribute or reveal any of Talent's and Company User’s data. With Roango, the Company User has ownership of Talents' applications, texts, etc.  Talents have ownership of their own information on their profiles. All Talents and Company Users can access the data at any time and for any reason without assistance from Roango.

The data storage shall continue after the date of termination of the Services until the Contract is terminated or until the User notifies Roango in writing that all data regarding that User can be deleted. The User can also delete his/her data by contacting [email protected] and requesting such deletion. The data deletion is not an ultimate right and can be rejected in some cases. You can read more about the data deletion here and in our Privacy Policy. 

 Withholding The Use of Website

Roango has the right to withhold the use of contents and services of the Website at all times for any Talent and Company User that does not abide the Terms, whose behavior violates mandatory regulations, who cause harm and/or damages the reputation, or any damage to Roango or third parties.

 Promotions and Marketing

This Service is intended to provide you with a publicly available list of openings, and therefore your usage of your Company Profile is not intended to be private. Unless expressly prohibited in writing or electronically by you, Roango can use your company name and mention your Website usage in press releases, interviews, promotional materials, sales sheets, presentations, websites, and other self-‐promotional channels.

You also agree that a "Roango" graphic or text link can be included with your Openings or emails. Any promotions or discounts are valid for services to which the promotion or discount was originally applied.

 Privacy Policy

Please review our Privacy Policy, which administers the use of personal information on the Website in connection with the Website. All Users, Visitors, Company Users, and Talents agree to be bound as a condition of these Terms and usage of the Website.

 Cookie Policy

Please review our Cookie Policy, which administers the use of personal information on the Website and in connection with the Website. You can manage your cookie preferences inside your browser. 

 Governing Law

All relations between Roango and all Users - Visitors, Company Users, and Talents that are not specifically regulated by the Terms shall be governed by and construed according to the Law on obligations or other applicable laws of the Republic of Croatia. Conflict of laws rules are expressly excluded.

 Disputes Resolution

Roango and the User shall strive to resolve all disputes regarding the interpretation, application, or fulfillment of the Terms amicably and in good faith. Otherwise, they shall be settled before the court of competent jurisdiction located in the town of Osijek, Republic of Croatia.

All legal disputes related to card processing are handled under the Republic of Croatia Law.

 Changes to Terms of Service

Roango reserves the right to modify the Terms at any time. Any modification of the Terms will be published on this Website and shall be binding for all Users from the date of publication.

 Legal Gaps

In case of any legal gaps in these Terms, the Law on obligations of the Republic of Croatia shall apply. 

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