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Transform your talent strategy with Roango Talent pool. Streamline your hiring process and source high-potential candidates with ease.

  • Pick & Invite talent.

    Select matched talent and invite them to the pipeline.

  • Talent Info.

    Relevant skills and expertise info for each matched talent.

  • Ordered by relevancy.

    From top to bottom, the most relevant talent is shown.

Manage Talent

Applicant Tracking System enables easy team collaboration with progress tracking and unlimited custom pipelines.

  • Pipeline management.

    Create, manage and customize unlmited pipelines.

  • Stage reasons management.

    Create, manage and customize your stage reasons.

  • Pipeline notifications.

    Get notified on changes within the pipelines.

Engage Talent

Message candidates and track activities.Review CVs, send e-mails and organize using tags.

  • Tag management

    Add existing or create new tags for job applications.

  • Stage management..

    Tailor your pipelines with reasons for stage change.

  • Direct Messaging

    Communicate directly and within departments.

  • Talent Evaluation

    Assign points and add additional notes.

Discover the Future of Talent Acquisition

Roango's Key Features for Streamlined Hiring

  • 01

    Growing Talent Pool

    Source, Engage and Manage

    Pick and choose talent based on skill and work type

    Invite or accept talent to your job openings

    Screen and review profiles, cover letters and assign evaluation points with notes.

  • 02

    Customizable Company Profile

    Customizable and Shareable

    • Pitch your company to talents
    • List your job openings
    • Share it anywhere
  • 03

    Job Openings Listing

    Internal and Public

    • By department and location
    • Schedule publishing
    • Share it anywhere
  • 04

    Customizable Company Profile

    Customizable and Shareable

    • Manage job opening applications
    • Make use of custom pipelines
    • Create, assign and manage stage reasons
  • 05

    Direct Messaging

    Communicate Directly

    • Communicate via internal messaging
    • Stay in the loop via email notifications
    • Per department messaging
  • 06

    Top Notch Support

    Guidance & Assistance

    • Onboarding support
    • Company profile and job openings setup
    • Data migration and assistance

Why Roango?

Stop the Resume Harvest! Find The Right Fit, Fast.

  • Source Talent from a single pool. Intelligent matchmaking saves your time and effort.

  • Keep track of the entire hiring process with the built-in ATS and messaging.

  • Augment your employer branding with a customizable company profile to attract the best fit.

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Pick & Choose. Screen & Review. Invite & Accept. Leverage Roango talent pool and built-in ATS to your advantage.

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