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As our homepage says, we are into building a digital barrage for the clients. We want them to make themselves resilient to all future unpredictable business endeavors by helping them build great innovative digital products that people like.

Our team is very dedicated to this mission, and we do it professionally, using all our expertise and experience.

However, it took a whole lot of work, effort, trials, and errors to get where we are now.

So we know how hard beginnings can be, how distant sometimes a goal can seem, how strenuous is to fall and get up again and again.

Plus the good old learning from your mistakes.

We did and we do.

And we want to help you to learn from yours. Not too many, we hope. :)

We invite you to become our new intern and share your fresh ideas and opinions on all things tech while you sharpen your skills working on interesting projects in an agile environment. Join our like-minded team of strong individuals always ready to help you dive deep into projects, products, technologies, and services. Take this opportunity to gain versatile experience and get a taste of what the workplace of the future feels like. Or even become a part of our team for good.

Sounds promising, right?

But not as promising as your career could be if you join us. :)





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Eurodom Osijek, 31000, Osijek, Croatia

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